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Picha ya Mykonos International Airport
Mykonos International AirportWakazi 42 wanapendekeza
Picha ya Ornos Beach
Ornos BeachWakazi 65 wanapendekeza
Picha ya Nammos Mykonos
Nammos MykonosWakazi 111 wanapendekeza
Picha ya Cavo Tagoo Mykonos
Cavo Tagoo MykonosWakazi 4 wanapendekeza
Picha ya Niko's Taverna
Niko's TavernaWakazi 33 wanapendekeza
Picha ya 180º Sunset Bar
180º Sunset BarWakazi 37 wanapendekeza

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Catamaran cruise with traditional lunch & transportation
Start your Mykonos sailing day cruise. Meet your professional skipper and crew and set sail to explore the Myconian beauty on one of the best Mykonos cruises in Greece. Sail past unspoiled coastlines and dive into their charms. Enjoy the light breeze while the luxurious catamaran cuts through the waves of the Aegean and snap photos of the diverse white and blue landscape you leave behind. Pamper yourself with the unlimited Mykonos traditional wine served on the vessel for an ultimate Mykonos sailing experience. Reach Baos, a remote and isolated island in Mykonos, rumored to have been a pirate island. Pass by Delos and ancient settlement of major mythological, historical and archaeological importance for Greece. Continue your journey to approach Rhenia Island, a quiet, virgin location ideal for a revitalizing swim stop. Swim and snorkel as a delicious fresh meal is served on board. Sail back to Mykonos while you pass by from the famous little venice. Cherish a memorable Mykonos sailing day cruise .
Sightseeing with a Mykonian
Enjoy having a walk at Chore, the town of Mykonos island, I will tell you stories about the Windmills, the Little Venice and the Paraportiani Church and take pictures of you!!! I will show you the hidden jems of the town and the other village of Mykonos, Ano Mera, including the amazing Monastery of Paraportiani and we will swim at a very nice natural beach even few mykoninians know about it....
Semi-Private Five-Hour Cruise in Brand New Luxury Catamaran
Cruise with Nostos Mykonos Yachts in sophisticated chic style and discover the gorgeous nearby islets of Rhenia & Delos, or the famous southern coast of Mykonos. Our luxurious brand-new sailing catamaran White Coral, exceeds all expectations with her smooth cruising, ample spaciousness and state-of-the-art design. Her spectacular walk-around layout, large sun-beds and lounge areas, will make your cruise a truly unique experience. Please note, the itinerary is subject to weather conditions and might be adjusted to ensure safe cruising of passengers. The cruise is subject to participation and operates with 19 guests maximum capacity. Important Note: How To Request For Your Transfer Service (Please Read) All cruises offered by Nostos Mykonos Yachts include the chance for a complementary free transfer service from and to your accommodation in Mykonos (before and after the cruise). This service is offered in partnership with a professionally-licensed transfer company. - If you are interested in booking this service, please provide your accommodation details up to 3 hours before the scheduled cruise start time at the latest. - If you book your cruise or if you provide your accommodation details in less than 3 hours before the scheduled cruise start time, you will need to make your own transportation arrangements.
Mykonos Town Culture Walk
Join me for a walk off the beaten track while digging deep into the cultural history of the picturesque Town of Mykonos Island. Together, we'll be painting a picture of the island dating back to the 1950s- imagine artists, visionaries, hippies, celebrities and eccentric figures; all part of the rich narrative of an island that became known for its acceptance and inclusivity, only to become an exclusive playground for the ultra-rich. The walk will include some important checkpoints of the island's topography and teach you how it came to be the unique destination it is today, all while avoiding the crowds and focusing on the residential aspects through personal experiences. You’ll learn about the culture & folklore of Mykonos and the nearby island of Delos, from a local’s point of view. Throughout our walk, we’ll be exploring some of the lesser-known, uncharted parts of Town, learning about folklore, myths, and the vivid artistic background. This is an activity that will enrich your Mykonos experience no matter the season, as the island off-season offers unique views, cultural experiences & photographic opportunities.
Mykonos Brewing Company Tour & Tasting
Join us on a 45 min adventure inside the cave of the brewing Giants. You will learn how we convert natural ingredients to delicious brews, be told the myths surrounding Mykonos and all whilst sipping on 5 of our small-batch beers. If you’re still standing, get your hands on some tasty, limited-edition Mikonu beers available only in our brewery!
Kayaking adventure with local nature guides
Join two pro local sea kayakers on an exhilarating and safe exploration of the mykonos wild North coast line. Meet us on a beautiful beach in the bay of Panormos were we will set you up with all the necessary equipment to join us out on the water. After a short lesson on sea kayaking basics we will paddle into a sheltered bay to get a feel for our kayaks. Then we will head out into the beautiful Aegean sea and explore wonderful rock formations, wild coastline and the pristine beaches of the wild North of Mykonos! (Exact starting location will be send to you the evening before as t its weather dependent, its all in the same area of Panormos beach or Agios Sostis beach)
Small Group Walking Tour as a Local
Sheltered in Mykonos Town! This experience is perfect for those who doesn't like large groups. Perfect for exploring Mykonos town and have a conversation with a local. Imagine waking up under the Greek sky, while you are on an island escape, in Mykonos Town. Mykonos has whitewashed cubic houses with wooden coloured doors, windows and balconies, narrow streets forming a labyrinth, beautiful churches, lovely chapels and purple bougainvillaeas contrasting with the bright white of the buildings' walls. We will meet at a central location, walk around the houses of Little Venice were built by wealthy merchants and ship captains in the late 18th c. and feel the strong northerly wind known as the Meltemi. Wandering along quiet cobbled alleys admiring the shadows cast by the island light, or enjoying the dramatic views as you would in any other Cycladic castle-town. We will take snapshots of daily life: a bustling home, a family out shopping, two children playing. We will visit public squares and church courtyards, wake around the neighbourhood of Lakka, away from the high street, and do an examination of the laundry hanging out from the window and balconies. Come across some locals hanging out at the Traditional Bakery active since the 14th c., and visit the small market they call Banga just before the Town Hall in where fishermen sell the catch of the day.
Active Island Tour and Snorkeling Adventure
Join a local professional nature guide on an private exploration of some the best locations of Mykonos. 1) Pick Up We will start by picking you up with our minibus from your cruise terminal or hotel/villa and start our Tour. 2)Paradise Beach approx. 45mins We will make our way to our first stop for Snorkeling at the iconic Paradise Beach, in the morning avoiding the crowds and music and getting into the crystal clear water to explore the Mykonian sea. After a short break to shower and get any refreshments we will continue on. 3)Paranga/Agia Anna beach 15mins After a short drive we will have a stop at a view point to get some pictures and enjoy the turquoise waters of the south Beaches'. 4) View point - Iconic church approx. 10mins Mykonos has a plethora of family churches and little farms. Have a stop to enjoy the views while savoring an iced tea from local herbs. 5)The Village of Ano Mera and Monastery of Tourliani approx. 40 mins On our last stop we will visit the picturesque Village of Ano Mera with its pretty central square. Here you will have some free time to pick up some souvenirs or visit the Monastery of Tourliani before returning to be dropped of at the town or any other destination you want.
Walk Drink and snack tour as a local
We are to pick you up from your villa hotel or airbnb ...if you are already in mykonos town we can meet at the old port of mykonos First we will walk through the maze of little alleyways in mykonos town Seeing all sites you have heard about.....and dreamed about Then We will have a drink at little Venice during sunset and after that I will be taking you to a really nice and small traditional restaurant Trying a few local dishes and mezes After that you will be walked towards the port of mykonos and a few bars depending on your needs *We can pre organize Taylor made tours Other things to note We will organize your pick up and make sure you see do and taste all our specialities visit mykonos on its best
Your personal Mykonos Photographer!
Instagram: psyllas_photography Have you ever visited a place that made you feel excited and overwhelmed just by walking its streets? For me that place is Mykonos. Five years ago when I visited Mykonos for the first time, I knew that this place is gonna be my home for the rest of my life. The magical sunrises and sunsets, the white-washed streets and white houses with colorful windows and doors making you feel like you are a part of a fairytale. Let me be your own personal photographer and capture your Mykonos fairytale from a fashionalbe perspective and a fun experience to take home as a souvenir to be remembered forever! Other things to note: -Bring good vibes and smiles :D -If you want a family photoshoot, you can bring your kids for free! FAQ “You only do 6:30am in the morning?” No I can do the photo tour at anytime feels better for you but I am highly recommending early morning for 2 reasons, first lighting is superior than any other time of the day and secondly the earlier we do the photo tour less people would be at the streets. “Should I book early morning or evening?” I recommend morning! Evening photo tour is nice as well, we get some different locations in each session because of the lighting is different but for me morning is better. “Can I bring extra outfits?” Yes you can
Cooking Class with Locals
Souvlaki: The Origins of Greek Fast Food Greece is well known for its delicious cuisine and healthy Mediterranean diet, but what about its fast food? Everyone who has visited the country has tasted at least once the famous “souvlaki” three dishes combining meat in a very tasteful dish that has become a trademark of the modern Greek culture over the years. Ancient Delight, immortal in the passage of time. Perhaps the most basic delicacy of Greek gastronomy, but also one of the most famous ones! In this experience, we will welcome you to our house, where we will talk about the Mykonian culture, history, and culinary traditions. You will have the opportunity to learn how to make your own souvlaki, make tzatziki sauce with products from local farms, chop fresh vegetables, stuff your pita bread and teach you how to wrap it. We will grill and explore together all the unlimited forms, pork, chicken, tangled with various materials other than the classic tzatziki. *Vegetarian options are available. *For big groups and events we can arrange this experience at your Villa or apartment.
Tour in Mykonian Land & Wine Tasting
Visiting the beautiful Greek wineries is a wonderful experience and a dream come true for most of us. If you really want to enjoy the local amenities and locations, as well as some great wine, all you have to do is to enroll in our tour. We will explore our local winery and we will make it easy for you to see where the Greek wine comes from and you can even check it out and enjoy it on your own. It’s a very distinctive experience and one that will push the boundaries, delivering some resounding benefits and results every time. The commitment is to value and quality, and you will be heavily impressed with the results and the entire process in a professional way. Our tour is taking 2 hours, it will guide you through the olive grove and then it will bring you at the vineyards. Here you get to see exactly how wine is made and you get to enjoy and cherish it in a way that’s very different and fun all the time. It’s a very nice idea to be able to see the old school, historical locations and the type of activities that people have been doing for millennia with little to no changes. It’s really exciting and a great way to gain an insight into the old days. Once that is done, you will go outside with the group and you will stay together for a little bit. You get to enjoy some very tasty mykonian appetizers and you get to listen to some traditional music.
Mykonos Old Town Historic and Cultural Walking Tour
Explore the capital/main Town of Mykonos Island with a local guide on a walking tour of Mykonos town locally known as “Chora”, where you’ll stop at a series of monuments, museum and shops. Included visits to the Windmills and Aegean Maritime museum are a fascinating glimpse of Mykonian History. You ‘ll discover a long list of Mykonos Town highlights that you can return to throughout your time in Mykonos, from shopping stops to local restaurants. Archaeological Museum of Mykonos, Pres du quai central, Mykonos Town Greece, 10 minutes Manto Mavrogenous Square, Serakonta, Mykonos Town 846 00 Greece, 10 minutes Agia Anna Church, Mykonos Town 846 00 Greece, 10 minutes Lena's House, Tria Pigadia, Mykonos Town Greece, 10 minutes The Windmills (Kato Milli), Alefkadras, Mykonos Town 846 00 Greece, 20 minutes Little Venice, Mitropoleos Georgouli, Mykonos Town Greece, 15 minutes Church of Paraportiani, Kastro-Paralia, Mykonos Town 846 00 Greece, 10 minute
Olive Oil Tasting in Mykonos
Want to taste Greece? Take advantage of your stay in Mykonos and learn everything about Olive Oil and Mediterranean Diet. During this workshop, you will learn how to smell and taste in order to discover the incredible flavors of Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oils. You will participate in a sensory analysis procedure (used by professionals to categorize olive oil), that will help you understand the true meaning of “extra virgin” as well as how to describe an olive oil correctly with terms such as “fruity”, “bitter” and “spicy”. You will discover how to recognize a defective olive oil from a good one as well as how to correctly combine specific olive oils with different foods in order to transform a simple dish into something extraordinary simply by using the right olive oil. We are going to take your palate on a tasting trip around Greece by tasting 5 extra virgin olive oils from different areas of the country. This workshop also aims to introduce you to the uniqueness of the Mediterranean Diet and all the health & beauty benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), which can transform your life forever. Want to become an Olive Oil Sommelier for a day? Join the most authentic experience on the island. Unfold your senses and let's get started! Other things to note The duration of the event is 2 h Children from 10 years old can participate in the event and pay the whole fee
Private dinner with a local
This is a unique tailor made private and personal food experience It will take place in my favourite Greek restaurant in the town of mykonos You will taste all mykonian and Greek speciality and see how the locals eat and drink You will blend in with the locals and taste food and drink at its best First we can organize a private taxi to pick you up from your hotel villa or airbnb Meeting point is the old port of mykonos We will have a meet and greet drink at little Venice mykonos Then carry on to the most famous and traditional Greek restaurant Taste octopus calamari tzatziki and a few more local delights Drinks and food are included in the price as well as trasportation from your villa airbnb hotel to town or our meeting point ..only the pick up is included Other things to note This are personal and private dinners perfect for up to 3-4 people so we keep it personal but more are welcome Perfect for one person and up
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