Nenda mbele ili upate matokeo yaliyopendekezwa

    Je, ninaweza kubadilishaje nafasi ya sehemu ya kukaa?

    If you'd like to make a change to a confirmed reservation, you can submit a change request to your host.

    Wasilisha ombi la mabadiliko

    1. Nenda kwenye Safari kisha ubofye safari unayotaka kubadilisha
    2. Bofya Onyesha maelezo chini ya taarifa zako za nafasi iliyowekwa
    3. Bofya Badilisha au ghairi
    4. Bofya Ifuatayo chini ya Badilisha nafasi iliyowekwa
    5. Badilisha tarehe za ukaaji wako au idadi ya wageni na ubofye Endelea
    6. Tathmini mabadiliko, kisha ubofye Tuma ombi

    How it works

    If your host agrees to the changes, they'll be applied automatically and you’ll be charged or refunded if necessary. Any change in price will be shown before you confirm the request. Please note that only your host can make any changes. 

    If the request is declined, or you don’t receive a response, your reservation will stay the same.

    Other details

    Here are a few other things to know about submitting change requests:

    • If your reservation has already ended, you won't be able to change it.
    • If you want to update the details of your change request, you’ll have to repeat the steps above, remove your request, then submit a new one.
    • If the host altered their pricing for the new dates before you requested the change, your new reservation will reflect this pricing, unless you booked a Special Offer.
    • If your reservation qualified for a weekly or monthly price discount, changing the reservation dates may affect whether or not you're still eligible for the discounted rate.

    Note: For reservations in India, you can't make any changes to a reservation that results in an increased price. If you want to make a change like this, you'll need to cancel the existing reservation, and then make a new reservation that specifies the increased price.

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