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    Je, ukusanyaji na malipo ya kodi ya umiliki kibinafsi hufanyaje kazi?

    Hosts generally need to collect occupancy taxes manually unless automatic occupancy tax collection and payment is set up for their jurisdiction. Even if Airbnb automatically collects and pays certain occupancy taxes on your behalf, you may still be required to manually collect other occupancy taxes. For example, Airbnb may collect regional taxes but not local ones in some places.

    Collecting occupancy taxes manually

    There are several ways you can manually collect occupancy taxes from guests:

    In each case, it's important that you inform guests of the exact tax amount prior to booking. Hosts that need to collect occupancy taxes in person should only collect it upon arrival. We’re unable to assist with manual collection.

    Other tax obligations

    We recommend doing some research to make sure you understand and comply with any local tax rules and obligations that apply to your listing. Check with your local government or a tax professional for information about additional taxes, rules, or regulations that may apply to your situation.

    Airbnb provides general information to hosts regarding occupancy taxes and advises hosts to educate themselves about and follow their local laws and regulations, as well as to inform their guests of the exact tax amount prior to booking.

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