Mapendekezo yataonyeshwa baada ya kuandika kwenye sehemu ya utafutaji. Tumia mishale ya juu na chini ili kutathmini. Tumia ingia ili kuchagua. Ikiwa maneno yaliyochaguliwa ni kifungu cha maneno, kifungu hicho kitawasilishwa kwenye utafutaji. Ikiwa pendekezo hilo ni kiunganishi, kivinjari kitaelekeza kwenye ukurasa huo.
Jinsi ya kufanya

Mipango ya malipo

Want to travel now and pay the rest later? Sounds good. 

    What stays are eligible for payment plans 

    You’ll find a payment plan option at checkout if your reservation meets the following criteria:

    • You’re paying with a credit card, debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Airbnb credits.
    • You’re paying with a currency other than the Indian rupee (INR). Read more if you’re paying with the Brazilian real (BRL).
    • The reservation has a total value of $50 USD or more, including taxes and fees, and minus any credits or coupons.
    • The day your reservation starts is at least 14 days in the future (how far ahead you need to book is determined by the listing’s cancellation policy).
    • The reservation isn’t a long-term stay of 28 nights or more.
    • You’re not making an Airbnb for Work reservation.

    Keeping track of payments

    You’ll pay for part of your reservation once it’s confirmed, and future payments will be charged automatically on the dates listed at checkout.

    Your email receipt will include information on upcoming payments. We’ll also send an email reminder 3 days prior to each charge, along with a link to manage your payment settings so you can edit your payment method or pay early if you like.


    If you cancel, or the next payment can’t be completed by the due date, you’ll receive a refund according to your reservation’s cancellation policy.

    Ex: Let’s say you cancel in time to receive a 50% refund, per the listing’s Strict cancellation policy. If only 50% of the reservation has been paid so far, no refund will be issued and the remaining 50% simply won’t be charged.

    Coupons, credits, and gift cards

    If you choose a payment plan during checkout, Airbnb credits, coupons, or gift cards will be applied first before the payment plan amount is calculated. Coupons, credits, or gift cards cannot be applied to the second payment, or any future payments.

    Ex: Say you booked a trip for a total of $200 and you have $50 gift credits on your account:

    • During checkout, you’ll have the option to apply up to $50 in gift card credits
    • If you choose to apply the full $50 gift credits, you’ll have the option to pay $75 during checkout and $75 at a later date for the remaining $150 balance
    • You’ll also be required another form of payment as a backup—for example, a credit or debit card on file
    • When it’s time to automatically charge the second payment, the backup payment method you chose during checkout (for example, the credit or debit card you choose in addition to paying with credits or a coupon) will be charged $75 even if you have remaining or newly acquired Airbnb credits on your account.
    Je, makala hii ilikusaidia?

    Makala yanayohusiana

    Pata msaada kuhusu nafasi ulizoweka, akaunti na kadhalika.
    Ingia au ujisajili